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The Mike Greenwood Show: Bio

Mike Greenwood was born with music in his heart.  At the age of ten he found a $20 bill on the sidewalk and used it to buy an old record player and two records, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline.  He played those albums repeatedly, singing along.

Mike got his first guitar when he was 13 as he was walking out of a music store after purchasing a Mel Bay Guitar Chord Book for $2.  A man stopped him, seeing he was holding the book, and asked him if he owned a guitar.  Mike replied, "No, I don't."  The man offered to sell him one for $4 so Mike quickly agreed!  He took his new treasures home and even though the guitar was missing some top frets, Mike was not discouraged!  He was a bit dismayed days later when he learned the man used the money to buy wine and the guitar was stolen.  By then the authorities could not locate the "seller" or the original owner of the instrument, so Mike got to keep his $4 guitar!  He practiced every day for the next six weeks!

At age 14 a good friend asked him what was his dream in life.  He quickly responded, "I'm going to record me some national hits."

He joined his first band that same year, (The Rare Breed) and began traveling with many road bands right out of high school! 

Unfortunately life took music (performing) away from him for 20 years, and yet nothing could strip it from his heart nor take his natural talent.

He returned to music after a shoulder injury debilitated him, leaving him unable to continue his job as a mechanic.  What a blessing that turned out to be...for both Mike and his fans!

Noted first for his Roy Orbison Tribute because of his rare 4 1/2 octave vocal range, the same range Roy  possessed, Mike quickly developed a following of loyal fans.  As word got out, Mike began performing across the country and had the great privilege of performing on the infamous "Legends In Concert" stage in Las Vegas, NV.   Mike personified Mr. Orbison on a Connecticut stage in front of a crowd of thousands receiving two standing ovations!  He has performed for small groups as well as large, always giving his very best as he appreciates his audience and loves his craft.

In 2008 Mike was inducted into the "Western Swing Music Hall of Fame" in Seattle, WA.  An honor of which he is very proud.  He was the main act at the opening night show providing hours of great entertainment alongside some of the greatest in the industry!

Mike also does a mesmorizing tribute to the legendary king of rock n roll Elvis Presley. Mike's nickname is Elvis! With his black hair, blue eyes and velvet voice he has earned that name.  When Mike sings an Elvis song, the King lives...his voice is undeniable...his charisma, undeniably Elvis!  And you can't let Mike leave the building without singing one of his Johnny Cash numbers for you!  Oh yes, he does a great Johnny too!  Mike also loves to perform a variety of classics, both Rock and Country from the 50's 60's 70's and 80's.  Again, music is in his heart and he enjoys all genres as well as several eras.  He brings them all to you!

He not only sings...Mike plays a mean guitar!  He also plays bass guitar and while it's one of his best kept secrets, he's great on the drums and keyboard as well!  He recently entertained friends by tickling the ivories of a Baby Grand!  His talent is never ending!

Mike has a love of gospel music, especially the old gospel tunes.  One of his first CD's was classic gospel.  Mike hopes to do another gospel CD in the future and will include some original material on this next recording.  He gives God credit for his treasured gift of song.

Mike comes to life on stage...he becomes one with his audience.  Book him for your next event, and don't miss a chance to see this great entertainer.